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JOFRA CTC 320B & 650B - Compact Temperature Calibrator Extended Immersion Depth


The CTC series is a fast dry-block that offers both interchangeable inserts, the MVI stability circuitry, and calibration software. Both speed and portability are superior to liquid baths. Dry-block calibrators do not require hazardous liquids and provide a wide temperature range

The CTC B series covers a wide temperature range from 33 to 650°C (91 to 2200°F). This makes it sufficient to cover many standard industrial temperature calibration applications.

The tall CTC models with an immersion depth of 190 mm / 7.5 in are ideal for calibration of liquid filled sensors. The specially designed non-linear heating elements in the CTC-650 B and the increased block mass provide a very homogeneous temperature throughout the block. It is essential for the quality of the calibration/test that the full length of the sensing part of the sensor is exposed to the same temperature. Calibrate analog reading devices or switches with very high repeatability.

The CTC-320 B and the CTC-650 B contain an innovative heating block profile. This design heats up the CTC-320 B to maximum temperature in just 20 minutes and the CTC-650 B in only 39 minutes. The fast performance of the heating block is due to the special profile that minimizes mass and yet, still accepts an insertion tube with a 25mm (1in) outer diameter. This design is a balanced compromise between temperature stability / homogeneity and rapid heating / cooling.

Models and temperature ranges

CTC-650 B 33 to 650°C (91 to 1202°F)
CTC-320 B 33 to 320°C (91 to 608°F)

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.



DescriptionPrice Ex VATQty
JOFRA CTC 320B & 650B - Compact Temperature Calibrator Extended Immersion Depth£0.00
CTC-320B 33 to 320°C Extended Immersion Depth Inc Carry Case£4070.00
CTC-650B 33 to 650°C Extended Immersion Depth Inc Carry Case£4895.00
CTC UKAS Calibration - ONLY FOR NEW UNIT£90.00