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Absolute Calibration

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Labfacility are the UK’s leading manufacturer of Temperature Sensors, Thermocouple Connectors and associated Temperature Instrumentation and stockists of Thermocouple Cables.

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The Tempmaster PRO from Labfacility provides very high precision temperature measurement with Pt100 sensors.
Semi Standard Probe and calibration available with this product.
Select package options for probe and case with Instrument.
Labfacility Tempmaster PRO
The Labfacility L200 thermocouple or Pt100 thermometers (Temperature Logger) can be used in conjunction with a PC to provide accurate, versatile 8 channel thermocouple temperature measurement, scanning and logging of measured values. It can also be used as a stand alone indicator/logger and incorporates a digital display of measured temperature. LP200 summery pic
The Labfacility L300-TC (Thermocouple) and L300-PT (Pt100) temperature alarm / on-off controllers can be used in conjunction with a PC to provide accurate monitoring and alarm or on-off control of up to 8- zones simultaneously. It can also be used as a stand-alone instrument without the need for a PC. L300-front-side-view