Quality : Copies of Calibration Reports for Standards Used

Copies of Absolute Calibration’s ‘Instruments Used for Calibration’ Reports

Absolute Calibration are often asked by customers for copies of the calibration reports for the instruments that calibrated their own instrument. This request often comes from their own, assessor/auditor.

Absolute Calibration are accredited by UKAS to be technically competent to the contents of ISO 17025 and as such traceability of calibration is thereby guaranteed and copies of calibration reports for Absolute Calibration standards, or a list of instruments used to calibrate are not necessary, whether for UKAS or standard calibration.

Some assessors do not understand this, but it is clearly detailed in Apendix A of the UKAS publication LAB5 which states that;

LAB 5 UKAS Reporting Calibration ResultsDifficulties may occur because assessors sometimes wish to see details of the reference standards used for calibration included on UKAS accredited calibration certificates.

Any calibration laboratory that holds UKAS accreditation has to operate in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and UKAS requirements. These requirements apply not only to the calibrations for which the laboratory offers a service, but also to all subsidiary measurements (for example, of environmental conditions) whose accuracy may significantly affect the accuracy or validity of such calibrations.

The laboratory is required to have procedures for carrying out the calibrations and for the management and calibration of its reference standards of measurement and other measuring equipment. To satisfy these requirements, laboratories must hold all of the appropriate reference standards of measurement that they need, and maintain them in an appropriate state of calibration to ensure traceability of measurement results.

UKAS assessment visits do confirm that the above requirements are being satisfied. There is therefore no need for accredited calibration certificates to provide details of the equipment used, since UKAS calibration laboratory accreditation provides all the assurances that the user needs.

LAB5 can be found in full on the UKAS website or click the above image

If you, or your assessor, insists on copies of calibration reports then these may be provided, however, there will be a costs per report as detailed in our Standard Terms and Conditions.