Calibration : AC Voltage & Current

AC Voltage & current

AC voltage calibration and current calibration are maintained through a Fluke 5790A AC Measurement Standard giving voltages from 2.2mV to 1000V. Working frequency range from 10Hz to 1MHz. Using an Inductive Voltage Divider we can measure voltages from 1mV to 0.25V. Measurement uncertainties start at ±18 ppm.

Our high voltage divider extends the volt calibration range to 8KV at 50Hz.

Our current calibration capability is maintained via the Fluke 540B or 5790A systems in conjunction with Fluke A40/A40A current shunts giving coverage of 2.5mA to 20A in a frequency range of 40Hz to 10KHz. Precision meter techniques cover values from 1uA to 2.5mA.

Low frequency measurements up to 1MHz can be made.

Fluke 5790A AC Measurement Standard


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