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Resistance Calibration

Absolute Calibration offers some of the best resistance Calibration and Measurement Capabilities outside of the National Physical Laboratory, making it the best independent laboratory for UKAS resistance calibration in the UK.

Many calibration laboratories in the UK use Absolute Calibration for the UKAS Calibration of their standard resistors as Absolute Calibration offer the required uncertainties, a quick turnaround and a price a quarter of the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

Our DC resistance calibration measurement is by Direct Current Comparison (DCC) using the state-of-the-art Guildline 6625 Resistance Measurement System (incorporating a Guildline 6622A Bridge) from 1 mΩ to 1 GΩ achieving UKAS resistance calibration uncertainties from 0.07 ppm and at currents up to 150 A utilising the Guildline 6623A Range Extender.

Measurement and sourcing of AC resistance calibration from 40 Hz up to 1592 Hz from 0.1 to 10 kohm result in uncertainties from 6 ppm to 0.030%.

Low Value Resistors

Absolute Calibration's UKAS resistance Calibration and Measurement Capability is for 4-terminal resistors suitable for oil immersion at 20°C. The uncertainties may be increased for other types of resistors.

Specific Value Calibration & Measurement Capability
100μΩ 4.0 ppm
1 mΩ 0.30 ppm
10 mΩ 0.30 ppm
100 mΩ 0.24 ppm
1 Ω 0.090 ppm
10 Ω 0.080 ppm
100 Ω 0.070 ppm
1 kΩ 0.080 ppm
10 kΩ 0.22 ppm
100 kΩ 0.22 ppm
1 MΩ 0.61 ppm
10 MΩ 1.8 ppm
100 MΩ 4.5 ppm
1 GΩ 5.3 ppm

High Value Resistors

Resistance calibration values from 1 GΩ to 2 TΩ are measured using the Guildline 6520 Teraohmmeter with uncertainties from 0.021% to 0.10%.

For uncertainites on other resistance calibration values, please take the link below to view our full UKAS Calibration schedule.


Our standard turnaround is seven days, however, after transportation some resistors will require a week or two to stabilise before practical readings can be taken. Therefore, we advise returning your resistors to us the week before calibration is required.

Guildline 6622A Resistance Calibration

Resistor Calibration

Hart Fluke 7015 Oil Bath

Guildline 6520 Teraohmmeter


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