Calibration : DC Voltage & Current

DC Voltage & Current

The Absolute Calibration laboratory volt is maintained using a Fluke 7000 Nanoscan DC Reference System incorporating four reference standards and a travelling standard.

Calibration uncertainty of zenner references at 10 V is ±0.23 ppm.

Dissemination of dc voltage up to 1000 V is through precision dividers and 8.5 digit laboratory digital multimeters.

Voltages up to 100 kV are measured using specialist resistive dividers designed and built in-house.

Current measurement up to 100 A is maintained through precision laboratory DMM's and standard current carrying resistors.

Our state-of-the art ATE system allows the automatic UKAS calibration of most modern Digital Multimeters

Fluke 7000 Nanoscan

DC Voltage & Current Calibration

 UKAS DC Voltage Uncertainites

Measured Quantity Calibration & Measurement Capability
Standard Cell Values
1.018 V 0.44 ppm
Specific Values
0.1 V 0.61 ppm
1.0 V 0.43 ppm
10 V 0.34 ppm
100 V 0.40 ppm
1 Kv 0.70 ppm

For other values, please take the link below to view our full UKAS Calibration schedule.


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