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Whatever your requirements, from multimeters, to Spectrum Analysers; from pressure calibrators, to precision thermometers, Absolute Calibration can provide the most cost effective solution to your test equipment problem.

As you would expect from a quality organisation all measurements are traceable to national standards with guaranteed turnaround times to allow you to plan your test equipment maintenance effectively.

As equipment becomes more complex and schedules more demanding you need to minimise downtime and maximise cost benefit. We will ensure you succeed in these dual objectives.


The Calibration Report includes a lettered code that indicates the calibration performance of the instrument. This 'ABCR' classification can assist in historic analysis without having to look at each individual report - for instance if an instrument has received an 'A' over the last number of calibrations - it is performing well; however if it has been receiving B's and now C's or R's it may be worth thinking about replacement.

A definition of the ABCR coding can be downloaded here ABCR Calibration Code Definition


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