Calibration : Capacitance & Inductance

Capacitance & Inductance

Measurement of capacitance 1 pF to 100 uF with uncertainties from 7 ppm can be achieved based on our house reference standards. Ratio transformer bridges and a precision component analyser give us flexibility in both frequency and magnitude for capacitance calibration. Sourcing of capacitance 10 pF to 1 uF at 1 kHz with uncertainties from 4 ppm can be achieved.

Our inductance calibration measurement range covers 1 mH to 10 H with uncertainties from 0.01% by substitution method using bridges. Sourcing of inductance from 1 mH to 1 H with uncertainties from 1.2 nH.

UKAS Capacitance Uncertainties

Specific Values Calibration & Measurement Capability
Generation 1 kHz
10 pF 4.0 ppm
100 pF 4.0 ppm
1 nF 4.0 ppm
10 nF 41 ppm
100 nF 41 ppm
1 µF 63 ppm
100 µF 0.050%

For other values and measurement uncertainties, please take the link below to view our full UKAS Calibration schedule.

Capacitor Calibration

Capacitance Calibration Gen Rad 1620-A Capacitance Measuring Assembly

Capacitance Calibration Wayne Kerr B331 Autobalance Precision Bridge

Capacitance Calibration Wayner Kerr 6430


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