News : The Apprentice Presents!!

The Apprentice Presents!!

 1st May 2014

Absolute Calibration's apprentice calibration engineer had a presentation today at Fareham College. Josh Youngs is in his third year of a four year apprenticeship and his final year of this college where he is heading for all distinctions (assuming he keeps up the good work!).

Today Josh and other students presented projects that they have been working on over the past six months ­ Josh’s was circuitry to carry out the calibration of stroboscopes. Josh’s project and presentation was a success and the stroboscope calibration unit will be put into good use here at Absolute.

Directors Dave Abbot and Graham Mills visited the college to view the presentation and the very well presented ‘Josh’ - if there was an award for best dressed student, we feel sure that he would be up with a gold medal.

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