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Time Decade Boxes

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The 1040 is an accurate hand held decade resistance box designed to meet the needs of industry and education. Housed in a robust metal case the compact construction makes it easily portable.



The 1041 resistance decade box is a compact, robust, and accurate decade resistance box designed for applications in both industry and education. With its low resistance ranges the 1041 is particularly suitable for simulation of platinum resistance thermometers.



The 1049 is a precision simulator for PT100 0.3850 platinum resistance elements used for accurate temperature measurement.



The 1051 is a wide range low ohm resistance box designed for general laboratory work including platinum resistance thermometry.



The 1061 Decade Resistance Box is designed to meet the standard required in both educational and industrial applications. Metal film resistors, with the advantages of stability and low temperature coefficient, are used throughout. The case provides complete electrostatic screening.



The 1065 Power Resistance Decade Box is designed to meet the standard required for educational, industrial and research & design applications.



The 1067 precision decade resistance box is suitable for a wide range of simulation work.



The 1070 is a convenient, portable decade capacitance box, housed in a robust metal case and designed for industrial, laboratory and education requirements.



High accuracy and wide range makes the 1071 capacitance box suitable for many applications in industry and education. It is housed in a metal case to provide complete screening and a residual capacitance of approximately 55pF.



The 1053 is a compact, robust and accurate decade inductance box suitable for filter design, experimental, general purpose substitution, and DC to DC converter design.