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The analogue Martindale Fuse Finder Kit (FD500) finds which fuse or breaker controls a circuit. It also enables tracing from socket to socket on a circuit. Martindale FD500 Fuse Finder x100


The transmitter in the Professional Fuse Finder Kit (FD600) has an IEC socket with a standard UK 3 pin mains adaptor (EX332), which extends the use to include both 13A sockets, and with the TL83 ...

Martindale Fuse Finder FD600 x100

The FD650 is the multipurpose version of the popular FD550 digital fuse finder.

Supplied in a robust case complete with transmitter (FD600/T) and receiver (FD650/R), it is capable of ...

Martindale Fuse Finder FD650 x100