News : "Impressive uncertainties" are approved by UKAS

"Impressive uncertainties" are approved by UKAS

 16th Jul 2008

UKAS Resistance Calibration


A cost effective, fast alternative for resistance calibration is now here. Our new resistance uncertainties place us comparable with the second best calibration laboratory, to NPL, in the UK.


We were hoping to make this announcement late last year, but with state of the art instrumentation (the paint was still wet when we received it) there were a few teething problems at the manufacturers. Then of course we hade to carry out our own testing before UKAS visited to approve our impressive uncertainties. Please see our  UKAS Schedule for our updated uncertainties.


You could save yourself over £350.00 against NPL and with a turnaround of 7 days, save a month or more (a conservative estimate) having to be without your standards.


Please contact our HelpDesk to arrange calibration or for more information.