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on March 5th Absolute Calibration celebrates its 16th anniversary!

Two popular Chatillon Force Gauges have been added to our web shop!


We would like to inform our customers of a change to our opening hours.

"Impressive uncertainties" are approved by UKAS

We are Closed
Well, that is what we have been saying for some time now. We have at last taken delivery of our new state of the art Guildline Comparison Bridge which together with a new Fluke stability bath will see our resistance uncertainty reduce dramatically.
Absolute Calibration breath new life into key area.

Our On-Line helpdesk is now proving to be a useful communication tool for many of our regular customers.  If you wish to track the progress of your equipment, check past calibrations or performance, or produce re-calibration reminders, please complete our request form /Password-Request-Form

Absolute Calibration HelpDesk