Customer Support : Badly Packed Instruments

Badly Packed Instrument Gallery

This page feratures some instruments that we have received damaged due to poor packing, or in some cases no packing at all.

Little Or No Packing

We received this hand-held analyser in its carry case with our address taped to the case. The case must have been squashed and the display smashed.
Carry cases should not be used for sending instruments by carrier.


No Box 1 No box 2 No box 3

This box arrived containing 14 rubidium frequency standards, which only a small amount of bubble wrap for protection. Luckily these metal boxes are very robust and bent pins on the connetors was the only noticeable damage, unfortuantely, inside these standards are delicate and not all survived.

Frequency Standard No Packing No Packing for Frequency Standards

Box Too Small

Examples of what can happen when not big enough boxes are used.

Below - luckily this unit only suffered cosmetic damage and a broken rear foot.

Damage 1 Damage 1a

Below Left - You can see by the indentations on the inside of the box how close this Clare instrument was to the sides. This suffered severe damage.

Damage 2 Damage 2a Damage 2b