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The 1006 is an accurate low cost millivolt source suitable for voltage injection applications.

Three output ranges are provided to give adjustable output values from 1µV to 1V with a basic 0.02% accuracy.


The 1007 DC Millivolt Potentiometer and Source can be used for potentiometric voltage measurement in addition to its operation as a millivolt source. The null zero and sensitivity are adjustable via front panel controls - maximum sensitivity enables null balance to resolve 3 microvolt. 1007-x100

The 1010 Portable Voltage Calibrator is a solid state battery powered test instrument suitable for applications requiring a precision voltage source of low internal resistance. It has five ranges up to 10V with a resolution up to 0.01uV. Its small size, robust construction and independence of mains power make it easily portable and convenient for laboratory, field and industrial use. 1010-x100

The 1017 is a high performance portable DC calibrator for use in the field or laboratory. It is constructed in a durable, compact plastic case with a tilt stand/carry handle. 1017-x100

The 1021 is a precision DC Current Source suitable for calibration and test applications from micro-amp levels up to 100mA. 1021-x100


The 1024 is a solid state battery powered, portable test instrument ideal for laboratory, field, or industrial use. It incorporates many of the well-proven circuit techniques of the Time Electronics Type 1010 DC Voltage Calibrator.


The 1030 is a compact, low cost, portable voltage and current calibrator for general purpose signal injection. It is suitable for voltage and current loop signal simulation as well as thermocouple simulation. The precision 10-turn dial provides a conventional feel to setting the output with a setting resolution of 1 part in a 1000 (0.1%) 1030-x100

The 1044 is an accurate, low cost portable calibrator designed for use in a wide range of applications. High performance and ease of use make it suitable for test engineers, R&D, service, and calibration technicians. 1044-x100

A current, voltage, and process loop calibrator that covers the needs of an R&D lab and process control engineer. Source and measure in three current and voltage ranges plus a transmitter simulator/sink function. It has 4.5 digit (0.005% of span) resolution. 1048-x100


The 1049 is a precision simulator for PT100 0.3850 platinum resistance elements used for accurate temperature measurement.


The 1077 is a portable, handheld instrument designed for milliamp transducer simulation and testing. Three operating modes are possible... 1077-x100


The 1090 is a high performance, simple key press operation, portable instrument combining source and measurement functions for thermocouples, RTDs, mV and mA. Powered by 6 internal AA size batteries. The rechargeable version of these batteries are supplied in the instrument as standard, along with a mains re-charger. The batteries can be recharged without removing them from the instrument.



The 5068 is a precision instrument suitable for calibrating and testing general purpose insulation testers with test voltages up to 2.5kV.


The 5069 Insulation Tester Calibrator is a precision, portable test instrument suitable for calibrating and testing general purpose insulation testers with test voltages up to 10kV. 5069-x100

The 5070 DuctorCal is a portable calibration instrument suitable for calibrating high current Ductor Testers and Micro-Ohm meters. It contains 5 sets of high current rating standard resistors which simulate the resistance being measured. 5070-x100


PAT-Cal 2 is designed to provide rapid high accuracy calibration of PATs (Portable Appliance Testers) and Insulation / Continuity Testers. All in one unit, it contains calibration functions for Earth Bond, Insulation, Leakage, Touch Leakage and Load Test.


Time Electronics offers a wide range of calibration equipment accessories to accompany their portable test instruments Time Electronics Leather Case