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1048 Current Voltage Loop Calibrator

Time 1048 Voltage Current Loop Calibrator

A current, voltage, and process loop calibrator that covers the needs of an R&D lab and process control engineer. Source and measure in three current and voltage ranges plus a transmitter simulator/sink function. It has 4.5 digit (0.005% of span) resolution.

Output functions include step, ramp and inching. There are no key press menus to learn, just switches and buttons. A multi-turn potentiometer controls the output with up/down incrementing buttons for fine control. The output can be reversed (+/-) and zeroed at the flick of a switch. The front panel features a large easy-to-read 4.5 Digit LCD display which auto-ranges. Manual reset of the ramp function is also provided for quick restore.

This precision pocket-sized calibrator is one of the Time Electronics portable testing equipment line, with source and measure capabilities it delivers accuracy and reliability in one instrument. It is especially well suited for process control applications where a portable process loop calibrator is needed.


DescriptionPrice Ex VATQty
1048 Current Voltage Loop Calibrator£555.00
7643 230V Mains Power Supply (not charger)£60.00
Standard Calibration£65.00
UKAS Calibration£97.00